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In today’s fast-changing and competitive global market, we believe companies seeking protection for their innovation need tailored legal services and strategic advice with a strong focus on long-term business goals.


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Our Patent Litigation and Enforcement team has the support of multi-disciplinary professionals, including experts with diverse specializations, such as mechanics, electronics, telecommunications, biology, pharmacy and chemistry – covering both biotechnology and pharmaceutical inventions.

Our team of litigators regularly acts at all levels of the of the Brazilian justice system and is focused on obtaining pragmatic solutions for our clients in potential disputes or litigation, including, when necessary, obtaining fast emergency injunctive relief, or producing effective strategies for out of court settlement.

We have the available legal and technological tools to enforce our client’s rights, always adhering to the principles of speed and efficiency as our core values.


Patent applications are important indicators of the direction that a company is taking, either within its own industry or when it is seeking to position itself in a new market. Also, obtaining patents can help protect your work and give you a competitive advantage.

Our specialist team examines each patent application considering the client’s business interests and the regulatory standards of the BPTO. Thereafter, we use our technical and industry knowledge to anticipate any eventual interference with the right to grant and enforce the patent.

We also help design and implement strategies for monetizing your issued patents through strategic licensing initiatives.



Patent applications under the combat against backlog program:

Amount of Daniel applications (before December 2021)


Applications admitted into the program


Allowance rate of admitted applications, most without further office action

13 months

Average time for granting


patent applications:

Success rate for
164 applications

Applications admitted:


Applications granted: 91%

Average PPH
Granting Time

Daniel applications for all classes

3 years + 8 months





Life Science


Oil and Gas



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