From the largest Fortune 100 to the most nimble startup, we help our partners move from innovation to market with the skills, dedication, and right mix of new and traditional approaches needed to protect the power of their ideas. As your local partner in Brazil, we can work with you to provide the same high quality LATAM focused legal services to your valued clients.”

Alicia Daniel Shores
Partner & CEO

Daniel is a firm that respects your particular needs and provides legally-wise business solutions. Our diverse team of over 200 partners, attorneys, engineers, and other professionals is uniquely equipped with the legal and technical expertise, and real-world business experience, essential to develop and execute the customized strategies that meet the specific IP needs of our client’s portfolio.

Beyond understanding the nuances of IP law, we understand the region. Our in-depth and native knowledge of Brazil and Latin America’s complex legal environments enables Daniel to better anticipate our client’s needs, understand the potential risks they face, and, ultimately, provide more successful management of their IP assets.

Daniel has offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, located in the most important business centers in both capitals. The units are fully integrated and connected online, offering our clients a personalized service in any segment, with the most appropriate Intellectual Property solutions in each case. Our offices also have the most modern physical structure and equipment, offering the highest level of service to our clients and workspace for our staff, enabling effective internal communication and fostering productivity.

To support Daniel’s entire operation worldwide efficiently and safely, we have the support of our extremely qualified IT team, responsible for the development of our systems and software for managing and monitoring our processes (DANSPI and PROTHEUS). We have also developed an entire digital infrastructure that allows us to be connected and working in a 100% secure platform.

Regarding our technical capacity, we have a team of more than 200 multidisciplinary professionals, who are highly qualified in all areas of Intellectual Property. We also have high-performance software that allows us to perform our services quickly, efficiently, and objectively.


In 1940, Percy Daniel joined the law firm of Carl Kincaidin Rio de Janeiro, subsequently becoming the partner responsible for the intellectual property law department.

In 1959, after Mr. Kincaid’s death, Percy Daniel founded Daniel & Cia. in partnership with his brother, sister and son, Denis Allan Daniel. Denis Allan Daniel became senior partner in 1977. In January 2002, the firm changed its name to Daniel Advogados, also operating in other areas of law.

In 2005, while still under the leadership of Denis Allan Daniel, and having appointed his daughter Alicia Daniel-Shores as CEO, the office began a profound process of change, which involved the creation of new internal departments, the hiring of new staff and the offering new services.

The expansion of Daniel’s services reached its peak at the end of 2016 with the launch of a new brand, reflecting the position of the firm as a legal services provider and a strategic consultancy on intellectual property management.

Today, with more than 60 years of history, Daniel is located in the most important business centers of both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The branches operate in a fully integrated manner, connecting our multidisciplinary team online, and providing a personalized service in intellectual property within our client’s market segments.