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Brand protection

Piracy related crimes have been increasing with particular intensity, but it is still possible for businesses to take pre-emptive steps to preserve their reputation and curtail the movement of counterfeit goods into the market.



Unrivalled enforcement expertise (civil litigation, police raids, online brand protection, border controls and customs training)

Online monitoring to identify and track major infringers and distributors; and provide metrics for calculating results against investments

Unique fee structure for raids, offering predictability, while at the same time seeking targets with the biggest ROI

Complimentary investigations offered (with authorities or through our network), to identify the most relevant targets

Customized reports based on the specific needs of the client / details of dropped ads and searches with national or international coverage

Online enforcement – measurable results in reducing the availability of counterfeit products; ability to manage the takedown of tens of thousands of pirated ads per month and in real time




We do


Our anti-counterfeiting and brand protection experts regularly design and implement diverse anti-piracy strategies for our clients, including for research and market surveillance, border control measures, coordinated action with customs agencies, law enforcement and action in the courts.

Our approach to trademark protection involves innovative IP management programs specifically designed for the Latam region, which take into account the cultural particularities of the continent. We also regularly provide training and seminars for authorities involved in trademark protection and the fight against piracy.

Online Enforcement

Comprehensive monitoring, including searches on the most important marketplaces such as AliExpress

Direct contact with offenders to seek amicable resolutions, including compensation, or to facilitate contact with possible new business partners

Identification of critical targets and sending notification to the main offenders

Legal advice and offering strategic solutions in relation to counter-attacks by offenders



Taking down of infringing ads

Success rate of up to









2.5 terabytes

of images in ads monitored daily





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