Our Values
Why work at Daniel?
We are one of the main Intellectual Property firms in Brazil. To reach this position our history has been made up of actions that serve our employees and clients. At Daniel Law we respect differences! We are diverse! We carry out work with excellence and balance. We understand that to achieve our goals we need to work collaboratively and innovatively. One might say that “We do Law in a different way, #together.”

Come and get to know our values!


• We achieve results integrally, respecting people’s well-being.
• We provide our services in an efficient and uncomplicated way, balancing our value proposition with the client’s need.


• We are inclusive, we believe that respect for different backgrounds and perspectives transforms individuals and organizations.


• We involve people to solve problems simply.
• We are partners, we connect, listen and collaborate to help Daniel and its stakeholders achieve their results.


• We are restless, we value learning and are not afraid to experiment.


• We always seek to do the right thing, the right way and in a sustainable manner.
• We rely on the self-accountability of our team to deliver tangible results aligned with the clients’ purpose.
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