Information Security

Daniel Law offers twice as much information security

With a level of security and resilience comparable to that of large financial institutions, Daniel Law was recently audited by a renowned security company, having as parameters the same levels of security as adopted by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense. This audit inspected not only the firm’s infrastructure, but all its technology processes.

The result was that we obtained a maximum score in information security, with a score twice as high as the market average for companies in its segment and four times better than the average for all companies that underwent this audit.

“Such a result may be surprising to many, but not for us. “
Mauro Ferraz – Head of Information Technology

The measures for protection and sophistication of systems adopted by Daniel over years of investment were crowned with this important result.

In 2018, for example, Daniel Law migrated its entire infrastructure to the world’s largest and most respected “Cloud” – Amazon AWS.

This measure allowed our technology focused team to access the most modern technologies on the market, including the tools for “Business Intelligence”, “Data Mining” and Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanisms. We’ve even become a successful case study – Check us out on the Amazon AWS page.

Who is the biggest beneficiary?

The most important thing about all this is that our clients benefit from the best information security available.

The advantage of this benefit seems quite evident: the certainty that your information and documents rely on the best standards to preserve them intact and with absolute confidentiality for all transactions. Nothing can be more reassuring in these difficult times of fraud and espionage.

In addition, we offer another important advantage: the technical quality of our work.

To ensure speed and accuracy in the search and collection of information useful to our clients’ cases, Daniel has developed its own systems that perfectly meet the current need for proactivity.

More than 70% of Daniel’s work processes are supported by technology to speed up service provision and ensure information security.

And where does proactivity fit into this?

We seamlessly “monitor” the Industrial Property Review (RPI) of the Brazilian PTO using our AI systems, which guarantees our client the immediate updating of the progress of their applications and the prompt availability of these updates in real time. That is proactivity with quality.

Need more agility and proactivity?

Well, just as we do with RPI, our artificial intelligence systems access the databases of the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in real time.

From there, we extract strategic information about ongoing disputes, allegations of nullity, actions taken between and against companies and administrative procedures in general, among many others.

Those who work with patents or even trademarks know that such procedures or disputes, in general, precede and are consistently replicated in Brazil.

Want to know what your competitor will likely do to work against your patent or against your product even before any move from it in Brazil? Talk to us.

Your patent or product doesn’t appear in the USPTO or WIPO?

It’s no big deal. We cover the whole world with our resources. All this is the result of years of investment in technology and in the highest quality professionals, associated with effective internal development processes.

Before it is utilized, all technology is thoroughly tested by Daniel.

To this end, we have “DANIEL INOVA”, a team exclusively focused on the construction and experimentation of new products, some in partnership with the best technology companies for the legal market.

What’s in it for you?

In fact, it is our clients, who always receive the benefits from our products prepared with the use of sophisticated technologies and exhaustive testing. Our decisions are based primarily on quality data and thus our recommendations are always “legally-wise”, that is, following the best course of action for your success.

From simple to complex cases, we will serve you with the best features, ensuring total security in the treatment of your information and applying the best in technologies that you only find here at Daniel Law.

Talk to us and live a simplified experience with sophisticated results.