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No matter the size of your business, we understand the high-stakes involved in establishing and protecting your business brand and that you need a partner with real business acumen who is able to streamline all the procedures involved in filing and monitoring your trademark applications.



Portfolio management aiming to achieve portfolio balance, efficiency and monetization

Automated Madrid Protocol Monitoring Services

Review of portfolios to identify opportunities for protection or cost-reduction (trimming)

Relationship based partnership with clients seeking collaborative portfolio management based on the client`s intentions, purposes and strategy


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At Daniel, our Trademark litigation and Enforcement team has unrivalled experience in protecting and enforcing trademarks in Brazil, providing tailored legal and business strategies for each client’s individual needs.

Supported by seasoned trademark and industry experts, our team of litigators regularly acts at all levels of the of the Brazilian justice system and is focused on obtaining pragmatic solutions for our clients in potential disputes or litigation, including, when necessary, obtaining fast emergency injunctive relief or producing effective strategies for out of court settlement.

We have the available legal and technological tools to enforce our client’s rights, always adhering to our core values of speed and efficiency.


Our expert team at Daniel Law includes attorneys and other professionals who are specialized and completely dedicated to trademark law. We support our clients through all stages of the trademark process, through the full lifecycle of a brand, from searching and filing through to opposition and appeal, enforcement, and portfolio management.

Daniel has developed proprietary technology to manage and monitor Brazilian designations with security and agility, which is a crucial asset to our clients while Brazil is new to the Madrid system and the BPTO adjusts to prosecuting international registrations.

Through our LATAM HUB, our clients can get access to intellectual property services across Latin America and the Caribbean using one express service, with a single point of contact and invoicing.




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A breakthrough for 3D trademarks in Brazil

Although accepted by Brazilian law since 1996, the BPTO still struggles to establish reasonable standards for the application of registrability requirements of three-dimensional trademarks, which results in an approximate granting rate of 16%, considering applications...

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During a recent administration program of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the national industrial property offices of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador signed a new case management protocol for the Andean Opposition. The purpose of the Protocol is to...