A step Towards Modernization: Brazil’s IP Laws Set for Public Consultation

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Blog, Intellectual Property, Trademarks

In our recent post , we discussed how Brazil’s Patent and Trademark office (BPTO) has been taking important steps to align itself with other offices around the globe. For example, in WTR’s annual IP Office Innovation Ranking, which ranks national offices by their use of modern tools and systems, the agency rose sixth place alongside the IP institutions of Australia and Chile.

Meanwhile, in a further important move, Brazil’s Interministerial Group for Intellectual Property (known as “GIPI”) announced last month that it will hold a public consultation process to discuss potential changes to Brazil’s Industrial Property Law (LPI).

By way of quick background, the GIPI is composed of 11 ministries and chaired by the Secretariat for Competitiveness and Regulatory Policy of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC). Created in 2019, the group is tasked with coordinating the federal government’s action plan on the issue of intellectual property and the implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy (ENPI).

According to the secretary of Competitiveness and Regulatory Policy, Andrea Macera:

“The group has been able to bring people together, create partnerships, discuss new legal frameworks and propose actions that use intellectual property as a tool for growth and sustainable development …”

It is clear that the public consultation process can play an important role in bringing the existing IP laws up to date with recent technology advances in Brazil and across the world.

While there is still no fixed date set for the beginning of the public consultation, our experts at Daniel are closely monitoring all developments and will also actively participate in the process once it is started.

In the meantime, we are at your disposal to answer any of your questions.

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