The Green Revolution: Investments and Innovations Drive Sustainability in Brazil

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The MOVER Program and the New Directions of Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility is emerging as one of the priorities of the Brazilian government, driving investments and innovations in the automotive sector. In the current scenario, the National Green Mobility and Innovation Program (MOVER), coupled with fiscal incentives and research and development initiatives, promises to transform the Brazilian automotive industry into a vector of environmental sustainability.

“Sustainable mobility is an urgent need, and the MOVER Program represents a significant step in the right direction. We are witnessing a transformation in the Brazilian automotive sector, driven by investments and innovations focused on sustainability,” highlights Gustavo Sartori, partner at Daniel Law.

The MOVER Program, presented through MP 1,205/23, is a bold initiative of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade, and Services – MDIC, aiming not only to improve the sustainability standards of vehicles but also to stimulate technological innovation in the mobility and logistics sectors. This governmental strategy aims to strengthen the development of new green technologies and reduce carbon emissions in the national automotive industry.

In terms of investments, the Brazilian government is committed to granting R$ 19 billion in fiscal incentives by 2028 for companies that invest in decarbonization and align with the program’s requirements. This incentive has the potential to boost research and development of clean and sustainable technologies in the country.

The Role of Green Patents in Transforming the Automotive Sector

The expectation surrounding the program has also attracted the attention of companies in the automotive sector, which are announcing billion-dollar investments in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles in Brazil. Automakers such as Renault, Hyundai, GM, Toyota, VW, and Stellantis are leading this movement, demonstrating a real commitment to transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

“In addition to investments in infrastructure and technology, the issue of green patents also gains prominence in this scenario. Major companies are filing a large number of patent applications related to electrification, infotainment systems for vehicles, and autonomous driving, contributing significantly to the advancement of green technology in Brazil,” emphasizes Sartori.

The National Institute of Industrial Property – BPTO plays a crucial role in this context, with the “Green Patents” program, which prioritizes the examination of patent applications related to sustainable technologies. This initiative not only accelerates the patent registration process but also encourages innovation and the development of environmentally responsible solutions.

With the recent advances and investments in the green technology sector, coupled with the efforts of the government and the BPTO, Brazil is poised to position itself as a leader in sustainable mobility. The Green Revolution is underway, and the country is ready to embrace the future with cleaner, more efficient, and innovative vehicles.

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