Welcome to DANIEL LAW. We are a reputable office in the field of Intellectual Property, Technology, and Innovation, offering specialized solutions for protecting the assets of our customers. Preserving your privacy and collected personal data is crucial to DANIEL LAW. This document provides information on how your data will be collected, used, and protected by us. We also describe how our Customers and Visitors (“USERS”) can contact us if they have any specific question. By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, our USERS grant their free, express, and informed consent to the terms set forth herein. This Privacy Policy does not cover the collection of personal data by DANIEL LAW in events, seminars, meetings, consultations, and on-site/virtual assistance, and emails exchanged with our customers.

This Privacy Police applies to USERS of the DANIEL LEGAL & IP STRATEGY website.


Personal data is collected as our USERS interact with the functionalities of the DANIEL LAW website, providing information on a voluntary basis or while browsing. Data DANIEL LAW may collect includes the following, among others: Name, Email, Company, Position, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Country, and Phone Number. DANIEL LAW may use cookies to identify USERS’ preferences and information with their unequivocal consent. If they disagree, then some of the DANIEL LAW functionalities may be limited.


DANIEL LAW uses the collected information to personalize and enhance our services, including:

  • Properly meeting requirements and answering queries;
  • Managing, providing services, and complying with the obligations arising from the available services;
  • Improving the DANIEL LAW website browsing and performance;
  • Protecting rights and obligations associated with the use of the DANIEL LAW website;
  • The personal database created by DANIEL LAW through its website will not be shared, sold, assigned, transferred, informed, or leased to the benefit of third parties.

DANIEL LAW may record accesses made by the USERS through logs, including:

  • IP Address;
  • Performed actions;
  • Accessed screens;
  • Date and time of performed actions;
  • Data on the device utilized;
  • Preferences and behaviors identified in the interaction with DANIEL LAW.

All records may be stored and shared with third parties authorized by DANIEL LAW with the purpose of:

  • Complying with any legislation, regulation, formal proceeding, or applicable governmental requirement;
  • Meeting the applicable Service Terms, including the investigation of potential violations;
  • Detecting, preventing, or approaching in any manner fraud, or technical or security issues;
  • Protecting against damages to the rights, property, or safety of DANIEL LAW and its USERS, as required or permitted by law.

All collected data will be stored in a safe and controlled environment for at least six (6) months, under the terms of article 15 of Law No. 12,965/14, known as the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet. Collected data may be stored in cloud computing, including in other countries.

Our USERS reserve the right to request the presentation, rectification, or ratification of their personal data by the service tools provided for in item 6 of this Privacy Policy.

Our USERS reserve the right to request the presentation, rectification, ratification, or deletion of their personal data by the service tools provided for in item 6 of this Privacy Policy.

For purposes of auditing and preservation of rights, we may keep the history of the recording of USERS’ data for no longer than five (5) years from the last interaction with DANIEL LAW, with the possibility of extending this term when set forth by the law or a regulatory standard or for protecting rights. However, we may definitively delete it at our convenience within a shorter term.

DANIEL LAW adopts Information Security solutions to protect the data of USERS who access the website.


This Privacy Policy only refers to the DANIEL LAW website. Any link in this website that redirects you to another website does not imply consent or any liability for the content and offered services.


DANIEL LAW may terminate or suspend your access to the website or the performance of activities in it in case of violation of this instrument. Tolerance to eventual noncompliance with any of the conditions of this Privacy Policy will neither constitute novation of the specified obligations, nor will it prevent or inhibit their enforceability at any time.

DANIEL LAW may update this Privacy Policy and the USERS may be notified of the new version, including the availability of the referred new version in our Website.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • São Paulo Phone: (55 11) 2103.9107
  • Rio de Janeiro Phone: (55 21) 2102.4212

This Privacy Policy will be interpreted in accordance with the Brazilian legislation, in Portuguese, and the Parties submit to the courts sitting in the domicile of our customers or visitors for relationships with NATURAL PERSON USERS or the courts sitting in the district of São Paulo, for relationships with LEGAL ENTITY USERS to resolve any litigation or controversy involving this document, unless the applicable legislation includes a specific exception of personal, territorial, or functional jurisdiction.


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