Cecilia Delgado

Cecília works with Intellectual Property since 2004, joining Daniel Law’s work team as Partner and Coordinator of the Trademark Department. She performs and oversee a broad range of administrative and specialized duties in support of Trademark Attorneys and Paralegals.

Her expertise covers aspects related to the trademark prosecution role and similar intellectual property practice. She also has experience providing trademark filing and/or prosecution support or legal support in the Brazilian PTO as well as in foreign countries. Cecília is engaged with clients from different fields. Cecília has full knowledge of the normative instructions, examination guidelines, Brazilian Intellectual Property Law, and major treaties in intellectual property.

Practice Areas


Graduate in Psychology from FAMATH in 2001;

Postgraduate in Legal Psychology from UCAM in 2003;

Graduate in Law from Candido Mendes University Law Faculty in 2013;

MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Management from PUC in2019;

MBA in Intellectual Property, Law and Ethic from UCAM in 2020;

Postgraduate Degree, Specialization in Legal Tech: Law, Innovation, and Startups from PUC in 2022.

Affiliations, Commissions and Collegiate

Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, registered in the States of RJ.


Portuguese and English.