Interministerial Group on Intellectual Property (GIPI) approves the National Intellectual Property Strategy (ENPI) action plan for 2023-2025

by , | Oct 25, 2023 | Client Alert, Intellectual Property

Rule GIPI/MDIC No. 8, of October 18, 2023, comprising an action plan for the next biennium involving the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office, was published today in the Official Gazette. Said Rule will come into effect on November 1st, 2023.

The ENPI is guided by a set of goals, with a view to increasing economic competitiveness and national prosperity. Three main goals will be monitored to be achieved by the end of its two years of validity, namely:

  • Goal 1: Patent applications should be decided within 3 years counted from the filing date.
  • Goal 2:
  1. Brazil should be in 3rd position among countries in number of trademark registrations;
  2. Brazil should be in 11th position among countries in number of industrial design filings.
  • Goal 3: 450 innovation projects should benefit from mentoring and IP training.

Several priority actions were also proposed in the ENPI, including:

  • fostering the generation and strategic use of intellectual property (IP) in favor of the national interest to promote competitiveness and business development in Brazil and the world;
  • promoting actions to disseminate IP culture among economic agents, consumers, the academic community and society in general;
  • ensuring alignment, articulation and implementation of actions of the ENPI with the objectives and guidelines of innovation, development, competitiveness and culture policies, as well as directing measures to restructure and strengthen the administrative instances responsible for IP services.
  • making the IP regulatory environment more transparent, secure and predictable in relation to the demands of a dynamic and innovative global market, and
  • raising awareness and providing clarification to society regarding the relevance of Intellectual Property Rights.


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