Data and technology service provider

Development of the method for and performance of the first Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment in Brazil in order to identify potential biases in one of the client’s algorithms.

Financial market infrastructure company

Regular legal assistance on risk assessments and compliance with Brazilian data protection and technology regulation for one of the largest financial market infrastructure companies in the world.

Trademark management company

Our client is a trademark management company that includes a number of subsidiary holders of trademarks in the fashion and home sectors. Their business model is basically the licensing of trademarks to retailers and leading manufactures in a particular country’s...

Multinational conglomerate company

Patent license agreement in the domestic appliances sector. Our firm assisted the client in reviewing and negotiating a patent license agreement that allows their newly created Brazilian entity to use its trademarks in Brazil for manufacturing and selling domestic...

Petrochemicals company

Patent license agreement in the petrochemical industry. Our firm assisted a leading petrochemicals company in reviewing and negotiating the patent license agreement to use a competitor’s technology and know-how relating to the continuous initiator dosage of activators...