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We have a long-term mission to grow our client-centric approach in Brazil to the LATAM scene, applying the successful strategies that led us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. We combine the tradition of a 60+ year law firm that has helped shape Brazil’s IP scenario, with an influential culture of innovation and diversity that ensures we can offer our clients the best of the best in terms of professionals and technology.

We direct our resources to provide legally-wise business solutions, acting as strategic partners throughout our client’s innovation process.

In terms of client relationships, we are honest and transparent with a view to building lasting relationships, as we believe that this is an indispensable ingredient for our success as service providers.



Process Automation

To drastically reduce the occurrence of errors and offer more competitive fees to our clients, Daniel Law automates many of its processes using its proprietary systems and software, developed especially to meet our client’s demands with the usual Daniel quality.

Budget Predictability

Daniel Law can work with fees relating to consultancy services for trademarks and patents, litigation services, or other relevant services either with caps, previously agreed package of monthly hours, fixed fees or other forms of alternative fee arrangements.

Client Portal

Development of a client portal, which clients can use for an easy-24/7-access to their IP portfolio. The client portal is a mirror of our process management system and allows consultation on ongoing matters and existing IP databases.

Internal Flows and Processes

Daniel Law is fully prepared to adapt to client needs at all levels. We are committed to integrating ourselves into our client’s internal flows and processes to ensure the best client experience.

Latam Hub

Daniel Law has developed a hub that allows our clients to access Intellectual Property services across Latin America and the Caribbean using a single expressway with very competitive prices and better control of their business strategy for each product throughout the regions.

Client Satisfaction (CSAT)

We care a lot about the experience that our clients have in our firm. From this concept, our CSAT department is 100% focused on providing the perfect journey experience for our clients throughout the service process.


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Business Transactions

Global transactions require a business-savvy partner with a legal insight and technical expertise to achieve their full potential and to allow the business to thrive.

Created in 2012, the department assists its foreign clients to expand their business in Brazil in a secure fashion. Aware of the challenges that a foreign company may face in Brazil, we provide a full range of legal services necessary to allow foreign investors to safely navigate the complex Brazilian legal landscape while reducing transaction costs.

We help our clients in negotiating and drafting all sorts of commercial agreements and in dealing with the local legislation. We have also extended experience in incorporating companies and making sure that all foreign investments and remittance of money abroad comply with local legislation and Brazilian Central Bank regulations.

Combining our IT tools and expertise, we are in position to closely monitor the compliance with the contractual obligations and the activities of the local partner. We assist clients from a broad range of industries, including biotechnology, software, electronics, computers, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, financial services and consumer products.

Working closely with companies of all sizes and at all stages of development, we combine our indepth understanding of domestic and cross-border business arrangements with expertise in IP, corporate and commercial issues to deliver comprehensive solutions that will achieve the desired results.

Deep Understanding


Our experience with how companies really operate in the market; its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats allow us to offer practical and commercially relevant advice.



Based on our knowledge of regulations, suppliers and customers, we help you develop the best business models, fostering strategic relationships, managing risks and meeting the challenges your company faces every day.



Relationships, not just transactions, allow us to understand opportunities and threats so we can provide true insights.

Our team of lawyers involved in negotiating and preparing commercial transactions has a deep knowledge of the dynamics of Brazilian law and the regulatory rules applicable to transactions involving domestic and foreign companies.

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