The system for registration of trademarks in Brazil has an important feature called the Attributive System of Trademark Protection. Under this principle, the grant of right to a trademark only occurs on obtaining registration.

In many countries, the use of the trademark is the most important element for the grant of registration. It is essential that companies are aware of such differences well in advance of filing trademark applications in Brazil. 

This is where Daniel Legal & IP Strategy comes in, streamlining all procedures involved in filing and monitoring the trademark application. The most sensitive stages of this work are the strategic portfolio analysis, completion of preliminary searches and classification of each product or service within the 45 existing classes. 

Applications that comply with local legislation and are properly classified and in line with the trademark strategy of the company, are more likely to avoid any objections from third parties and the BPTO, saving time and costs for everyone.


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Anne Caroline Lapa de Holanda


I just wanted to let you know that you and your team did a wonderful job with the searches. Your analysis was clear and concise and very well presented! We again appreciate you working so quickly to get these out to us in time—I understand this is no easy feat.