Rana Gosain

Rana Gosain is a Senior Partner at Daniel Legal & IP Strategy. He has worked with Intellectual Property for more than 30 years. He is an Intellectual Property Agent accredited by the Brazilian PTO and has a postgraduate degree in Intellectual Property from the Pontifical Catholic University in collaboration with the Brazilian PTO.

Rana specializes in patents and industrial design and has great experience of handling patents, litigation strategies, validity and infringement studies and providing legal advice. Much of his work focuses on the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology area.

Rana’s current role is to develop the best strategies for protecting and managing IP Portfolios. He also advises clients on a broad range of issues related to Intellectual Property.

Senior Partner
Degree from the Veiga Almeida University Law School (UVA) in 2005. Postgraduate degree in Intellectual Property from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
Área Atuação: 
Biotechnology Industrial Design Litigation Patents
Afiliações, comissões e colegiados: 
Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, registered in the States of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Member of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association - ABPI Member of the Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle - AIPPI Member of the Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle - FICPI Member of the Licensing Executives Society - LES Member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association - AIPLA Member of the Director Council from ABPI
É um sócio ?: 

Pulling the plug on INPI’s backlog

Brazil’s government is expected soon to launch an emergency measure to eliminate the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office’s (INPI) backlog by automatically granting 231,000 pending non-pharmaceutical applications. The proposed rules for implementing the new measure have already been made available for public comments.

The deadline for submission of comments was August 31, 2017. During recent meetings, INPI officials commented that certain proposals made by local associations add complexity to the process.


The Brazilian Government may grant 230.000 pending patent applications to eliminate the patent backlog

The Brazilian Government is considering an emergency measure to eliminate the Patent Office’s chronic backlog problem by automatically granting 230,000 pending applications by 2020. 


Update on Brazil’s pharma patent landscape

Brazil’s Pharma market is a dynamic and promising one. It ranks within the top ten market. There are peculiar hurdles that patentees have to overcome, such as, a twotier examination, a serious backlog at the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. Several measures to accelerate examination have been adopted given the meager number of Examiners.


Innovation Stimulus and Pharma Update In Brazil

The Brazilian Government is bent on stimulating local cutting-edge innovation and thus wants to empower its domestic industry so that these industries can innovate and compete. This is the very reason that Brazil created a few years back, an ambitious project called “Plano Brasil Maior” (Greater Brazil Plan) as a country-wide industrial, technology and foreign trade policy in partnership with the private sector. The Federal Government has been welcoming foreign investment and encouraging multinational companies to rig up and install Research and Development Centers in Brazil.

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