Giovanna Maria Sgaria de Morais Moulin

Specialized in Corporate Law, Giovanna joined the Daniel Firm in April 2015 as a Corporate and Contractual attorney. Her experiences cover various aspects of intellectual property with particular emphasis on legal consultancy related to corporate and contract matters, contracts and transactions involving franchising, technology transfer, trademarks, copyright, software, trade secrets and confidential information. Graduate in Law in December 2009, Giovanna began her career as a junior lawyer at an Urban Planning Consultancy in São Paulo and then worked as a lawyer at a firm specializing in banking and insurance law in Espirito Santo, being invited to be a Legal Manager of that Firm in 2010. In 2011 she joined a law firm in Rio de Janeiro, working as an internal lawyer, acting in specific cases and with consultancy related to civil liability, contracts and corporate Law. Giovanna was also an Editorial Advisory Counselor of the Electronic Law Journal “Panóptica” between 2007 until 2013. 

Legal Law Master in Corporate Law at IBMEC, in 2014-2015. Degree in Law at the Faculdade de Direito de Vitória (FDV), in 2009, with the thesis “New demands and the Information Technology Law: the (un)need for specific legislation for the settlement of disputes” (“Novas demandas e o direito digital: a (des)necessidade de uma legislação específica para a solução das controvérsias”).
Área Atuação: 
Contracts Copyright Franchising Information Technology Law Licensing Software Trade Secrets and Confidential Information Transfer of Technology Unfair Competition
Afiliações, comissões e colegiados: 
Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro Sections.
É um sócio ?: 


A different path to protection

Brazil is the largest market in Latin America. Every year, the Brazil Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) receives thousands of applications, most of them from foreign applicants. The timeframe to obtain a trademark registration, however, is still challenging. How can IP owners protect their investment while waiting for a response from INPI?

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