Karyn Rodrigues

Attorney at Law

An attorney at law with extensive experience in the area of ​​Intellectual Property, mainly in combative action concerning criminal cases involving the interests of clients. Karyn has a vast knowledge working in Civil Litigation, as well as in Trademark Litigation with I.N.P.I. – National Institute of Industrial Property. Among her attributions, the combat experience against counterfeiting stands out, developing several tasks such as the intelligence work obtaining sensitive information regarding distributors, factories and trades of these counterfeit products in the whole country; conducting and coordinating raid actions with public agents and Police Departments monitoring of the entire procedure; support to public agents and law enforcement authorities regarding the procedures for searching and seizing counterfeit products at the national level; making and organizing presentations to different authorities to identify the difference between genuine and fake products; monitoring of investigations; drafting Criminal Complaint and Cease and Desist Letters to trigger polices inquiries and alert infringer of possible criminal measures enforcement.

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Law degree from Faculdade de Direito de São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo


Rio de Janeiro
(55 21) 2102 4212

São Paulo
(55 11) 2103 9107

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