In the Brazilian Patent system, it may be said that the mechanics sector benefits from a higher level of understanding than other sectors. In this area, there are relatively few rejections or objections to patents.

However, precisely for being technically more visual - in contrast for example to patents in the software market - the BPTO usually adopts a more rigid stance concerning these innovations, often disallowing practices that are accepted in other countries.

The team at Daniel Legal & IP Strategy is composed of professionals focused on not only the technical aspect of the patent application, but also the decision-making process leading to the grant of the right to commercially exploit the invention.

In this sense, the difference is Daniel’s vast practical experience in dealing with the unique characteristics of the Brazilian system and our ability to enter foreign clients into this market.



Daniel Legal & IP Strategy is one of the main intellectual property law firms in Brazil. It was founded more than 60 years ago and is one of the leaders in the sector, with an excellent track record in providing tailor-made services for the most demanding national and international companies.

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