Industrial design is protected as a formal and distinct category in Brazil and is an area in which Daniel Legal & IP Strategy has invested. This area has a peculiarity in Brazil; While in many other countries, the records are maintained by lawyers, here the applications are dealt with by engineers.

This results in new approaches in the treatment of the applications, which are possibly more technical and closer to the fundamental element on which protection is granted: the extrinsic form of the product, and not its underlying concept.

In recent years, Daniel has assembled a qualified internal team dedicated to industrial design. In this area, which has typical characteristics of the Brazilian intellectual property market, we see an opportunity for foreign companies who need to find new ways to protect their designs here.

Diogo dos Santos Netto
Head of Area
[email protected]


I’m thrilled to receive your good news! This has been a long one and I thank you for persistence and diligence.

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