The chemicals industry, and petrochemicals in particular, play a crucial role in Brazil's economy, due to the high quality of natural resources and a large consumer market.

Therefore, chemical patents are of great strategic importance, particularly in the areas of biofuels, oil and gas, new lightweight materials for construction and the increase foods production. 

In a sector which is extremely sensitive to complex considerations - for instance risks to the environment, technology transfer, trade balance, and labor qualification - companies need to be well supported at all times during the life cycle of their products.

Daniel Legal & IP Strategy can provide support and benefits that go far beyond the area of intellectual property, helping companies to optimize their investments and increase their final margins.

Kene Gallois
Head of Area
[email protected]


I just wanted to let you know that you and your team did a wonderful job with the searches. Your analysis was clear and concise and very well presented! We again appreciate you working so quickly to get these out to us in time—I understand this is no easy feat.