In 2020, the automotive market was drastically affected by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Production that
On September 6, the Brazilian President enacted Provisional Measure No. 1,068 of 2021, amending the
Written in partnership with Beatriz Beserra The integration of these technologies is one of the
Brazilian law # 14,195/21 revoking Article 229-C of the Brazilian IP Law was recently sanctioned
After being sanctioned by the Presidency, a Brazilian statute suppressing the role played by the
There is no doubt that it is a challenge to design a patent protection strategy
In the early days, branding was the act of creating a name, symbol or design
A recent Supreme Court decision altered rules for patents in Brazil. While causing some consternation,
At the end of 2020, the Brazilian PTO published Ordinance PR # 405 with new
“The plan to combat the backlog in the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office has already

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