How to Accelerate Patent Prosecution in Brazil?

As part of its plan to combat the backlog, the Brazilian PTO has launched several fast-track programs over the last years, which can dramatically reduce the time needed to obtain patent protection in Brazil.

In order to accelerate the patent prosecution, it is necessary to file a request for expedited prosecution before the Brazilian PTO demonstrating that the patent application qualifies for one of the several fast-track programs, in addition to meeting other requirements.

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✔ Patent Prosecution Highway in Brazil

✔ Green Patents

✔ Technology available in the Brazilian market

✔ Potential Infringement

✔ Health Products

✔ Technologies for the treatment of COVID-19

✔ Applicant over 60 years old, with serious illness or physical or mental disability

✔ Patent family started in Brazil

✔ Brazilian micro or small businesses

✔ Startups

✔ Public funding

✔ Financial resources

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