Daniel Legal & IP Strategy’s litigation department has the available legal tools to enforce their client’s rights, always adhering to the principles of speed and efficiency as core values.

Our agility allows us to counteract  the well known delays within Brazilian legal proceedings. We understand that common delays at various stages of our Justice system can discourage companies and individuals from doing business in Brazil. This damages the country’s reputation and threatens its business environment. To address this problem, Daniel prioritizes legal strategies for its clients with emphasis on speed, and effective operational monitoring systems, especially when dealing with the ‘cartórios’ (the Brazilian notaries).

Effectivity requires not only speed but also a strategy to win the lawsuit. Therefore, during the course of working with the client, Daniel’s litigation team remains focused on anticipating potential obstacles and implementing preventive measures, thereby greatly increasing the chances of a favorable court decision. This is only possible thanks to the expertise of the body of lawyers at Daniel, who combine respect for the business strategy of each client with complete fluency in the particularities of Brazilian law.


The Challenges of Brazilian Franchises
Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes
The Brazilian "Internet Bill Of Rights" and online infringement of ip Rights
George Mendonça de Lucena
New Copyright Law declared constitutional
Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes


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