Daniel Legal & IP Strategy’s work in contracts goes significantly further than matters of intellectual property, supporting and embracing business rights.

In particular, Daniel provides consultancy services in the establishment of companies, the format of business franchises and the negotiation of commercial contracts (e.g., dealing with agency and distribution).

This broad scope of services is made possible by a complete understanding of the dynamics of Brazilian law and the regulatory rules applicable to transactions involving domestic and foreign companies.

Our areas of expertise include technology licensing and transfer agreements, computer software protection, entertainment, commercial representation, copyright licensing, among others.

Daniel’s team of lawyers composes professionals with the expertise to handle international contracts, which make up the vast majority of our  work in this area.

Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes
Head of Area
[email protected]


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Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes
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Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes
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Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes


Daniel ranks high in the filing statistics and can crunch through prodigious workloads while ensuring consistent quality thanks to its clever use of sophisticated software tools. It assuredly handles out-of-the-ordinary matters, too.