At Daniel Legal & IP Strategy, our team of attorneys is dedicated to enforcing your intellectual property rights.

Inspired by our client’s dedication and investment in creating something truly new and unique, and based on the law and facts, we ensure that the goods and products resulting from such investment reach their full potential, thus perpetuating our client’s innovation. 

Our experienced and specialized team works closely with our client’s legal departments in order to find the best solutions for all business needs.

For nearly 60 years, Daniel has defended the interests of its national and international partners throughout Brazil, employing the highest standards of ethics, and technically sound and conceptually innovative solutions to overcome challenging issues.

André Ferreira de Oliveira
Head of Area
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Ricardo Dutra Nunes
Head of Area
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The Challenges of Brazilian Franchises
Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes
The Brazilian "Internet Bill Of Rights" and online infringement of ip Rights
George Mendonça de Lucena
New Copyright Law declared constitutional
Hannah Vitória Macedo Fernandes


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