The Standard ST.26 era for patent applications with biological sequences has officially arrived in Brazil

by , | May 8, 2024 | Client Alert

The intention to harmonize sequence listing practices across all patent offices resulted in a new requirement to be complied with for patent applications dealing with this matter: the presentation of biological sequences files in the Standard ST.26.

This new format for biological sequences files is being implemented, in Brazil, according to the international filing date of the patent applications, which is why we have already seen a notable increase in the XML format.

It is important to emphasize that the sequence listing file must be accurately translated using WIPO Sequence software, for the Brazilian national phase. WIPO Sequence generates a non-English free text language code, wherein only some of the fields requires a translation.

Considering the translation particularities, we are pleased to inform you that DANIEL LAW participated in the WIPO Sequence Improvement Project testers group and assisted in the development of the Sequence Listing software. Therefore, we are available to assist you with the translation of sequence listing files of patent applications, ensuring they meet our local rules and thereby avoiding the issuance of formal Office Actions on this matter.


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