The Brazilian Automotive market – the new tech trends in numbers

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In our previous article on the topic of the automotive industry in Brazil, we discussed that the industry is going through exponential change.

In 2020, a report by the Brazilian PTO identified several trends regarding innovative technologies in the automotive industry, referring to areas such as autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, shared mobility, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, machine human interfaces, blockchain, 3D printing and the internet of things.

To compliment the Rota 2030 program (see our previous article), the report also evaluated patent applications globally and before the Brazilian PTO, to get a clear picture of the main applicants and associated technologies in Brazil. To do so, it used IPC categories (for mechanical shaping, metallurgy, control instrumentation, etc.) as well as keywords to define the scope of the work.

The numbers
  • Some of the reports findings are highlighted as follows:
  • 19,215 relevant patent applications filed in Brazil were identified (starting from January 1, 2010). Of these, 9,271 are pending examination at the Brazilian PTO and 1,591 are patents in force in Brazil.
  • Applications by residents comprised between 18% and 23% of annual applications in the sector (these numbers are likely to increase because of ROTA 2030)
  • In relation to the 1,591 current patents identified, most will expire in 2030 and 2031 (there may be other patents in force in the sector, since the study contemplates only applications filed in the last 10 years).
  • Patent applications referring to vehicle parts stand out as they represent 90% of the total applications identified in the search. Of the 17,553 applications for vehicle parts, 13,019 were classified into 34 categories according to their international patent classification. Vehicle applications (2,143 applications) and applications relating to tires (1,695 applications) have the highest numbers.
  • Of the 19,215 applications filed in Brazil, 3,882 came from applicants residing in Brazil. Of these, 2,335 are from individuals and 1,571 from legal entities (note that the top 10 applicants are mainly companies).
  • A search was also carried out on companies or institutions whose codes of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE) were linked to the automotive industry. As a result, 30,961 companies were identified, 16,392 of which are active in the automotive sector. Of these companies, 4,208 are medium or large companies, 3,183 are small companies, 8,853 are micro companies, and 148 are companies that do not have a detailed size.
  • Of these identified companies, 730 filed 4,668 patent applications in Brazil (in all periods).
  • Of 64 companies that qualified in the ROTA 2030 program, 27 filed patent applications with the INPI.
  • Discussion

The above numbers from the Brazilian PTO reflect a continuing interest in the Brazilian automotive market and allows us to get a glimpse of the applicants and categories of technology that are applying for protection in the country.

This study is useful as a starting point for a first assessment the Brazilian automotive sector.

Applicants may also use the resources and incentives from the ROTA 2030 or seek strategic partnerships with the companies registered under the program.

We are monitoring all the latest news in respect of the automotive industry in Brazil and will keep our clients and partners informed of all developments. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any matter further

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