Argentinian DPA opens public consultation on new data protection law

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Blog, data protection

On 8 September, the Argentinian DPA (Agencia De Acceso A La Información Pública) announced the opening of a public consultation process on the proposal to update the existing data protection framework within the country.

The objective is to ensure effective public participation in the development of the new law and to ensure that ethical principles are implemented in the future processing of personal data.

The current framework for protection of personal data in Argentina dates back to Law No. 25,326, which is over 20 years old. At that time, the Law was seen as a frontrunner in the region, and since 2003, Argentina is considered a country with adequate level of data protection by the European Commission (through Decision 2003/490/EC).

Today, with the accelerated development of technology and innovation, the increasing and constant movement of data flows, as well as harmonisation of regional and national standards, the Argentinian DPA is seeking to update its current regulations on data privacy rights.

The proposed changes in Argentina are part of a broader trend in the region, with several countries recently taking steps to implement new data protection laws, including Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

The public consultation process will be open between September 12 to September 30. Contributions and opinions can be submitted on the agency’s website.

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