Unveiling 5G: Brazil’s Patents Landscape and Global Trends (2022-2023)

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The evolution of 5G technology marks a significantmilestone in the advancement of telecommunications, ushering in a new era of connectivity and innovation. A recent study published by the Brazilian National Instituteof Industrial Property (INPI) provides a comprehensiveanalysis of essential 5G patents, highlighting both global and Brazilian landscapes. This article explores the keyfindings of this study, revealing the leading players, countries, and technologies in the 5G domain.

Activation of 5G in Brazil and Growth in Access

By October 2022, 5G was activated in all Brazilian statecapitals, according to ANATEL data. As of May 2023, thenumber of 5G accesses in Brazil reached 10.1 million, demonstrating the rapid adoption and expansion of thistechnology in the country.

Overview of 5G Patents in Brazil and Worldwide

Patents are crucial for identifying the main players in the5G field and enabling technology transfer to Braziliancompanies. The study categorizes 5G-related patents intotwo types: those declared essential for 5G technology butmay also cover other generations of mobile technology(3G, 4G), and those declared essential exclusively for 5G technology.

From 2000 to 2022, over 114,000 5G-related patentfamilies were registered globally. In Brazil, the number isaround 11,000, which could be higher due to the impact ofPCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications that havenot yet entered the Brazilian national phase, and the 18-month publication period for applications in Brazil.

Leading 5G Patentees Globally

The study highlights the top global patentees in the 5G field, with Huawei leading the way with 17,002 patents, followed by Qualcomm with 11,127 patents, Samsung Electronics with 9,803 patents, LG Electronics with 9,627 patents, and BBK Electronics with 8,861 patents.

Leading 5G Patentees in Brazil

In Brazil, the leading patentees reflect the global trend, with Qualcomm holding 2,886 patents, Huawei with 2,297 patents, BBK Electronics with 1,123 patents, Ericsson with 1,030 patents, and Nokia Corporation with 563 patents.

Analysis of Patents by Country of Origin

The study indicates that China and the United States are the main jurisdictions for 5G patent filings, followed byother significant countries such as Japan, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, and Singapore. In Brazil, the growth trend in 5G applications mirrors theglobal trend, with the same top applicants.

Opportunities and Potential of 5G in Brazil

Despite the significant growth in 5G patents in Brazil, there is potential for further increases in filings and investments in 5G technologies. Considering Brazil’scontinental size, a middle class of approximately 100 million people with purchasing power, and key industries such as agriculture and energy, the country stands tobenefit significantly from the implementation and expansion of 5G.


The INPI study provides a detailed view of the 5G patentslandscape, both in Brazil and globally. The analysishighlights Brazil’s growing importance in thetelecommunications sector and the need to continue encouraging innovation and patent registration tomaximize the opportunities presented by 5G technology.

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