Fighting counterfeit has no boundaries!

In the current chaotic scenario caused by the worldwide COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, which frightens and drives society into quarantine, we are witnessing a mobilization of all to foster home office** activities and other ways to move the economy. The intention is that the world does not stop, and, as far as possible, each nation continues promoting its socio-economic development.

Astonishingly, adaptations do not happen only to help society; some take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves by developing counterfeit products. According to information released by CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), falsified tests were identified to detect the existence of COVID-19*.

This type of falsification, besides it is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of those who hold the rights over the examination, it puts society at risk and misleads users, causing a severe public health problem.

Actions to combat counterfeit comprise a set of measures that seek to prevent harm to society. The use of unauthorized products can cause severe damage, including physical injury, to the population, either through exposure to toxic substances or through false protection or information provided in such products, as in the present case of inaccurate coronavirus examination.

The fight against counterfeiting is done through public bodies, with reinforcement of specialists in the field who, together, seek to prevent the entry into circulation of these products—acting together with customs agencies, industries, commerce, and police.

It is important to remember that the acquisition of imported content and materials from regions affected by COVID-19 is not a form of transmission of the disease, as informed by the WHO (World Health Organization) *. However, the use of unofficial products and dubious sources offers a health risk. For this reason, the recommendation is that examinations should always be realised at sites previously authorized by public agencies.

Be aware of the origin of the products you use, either in your company or in your social and family life.



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